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What will change in IT recruiting in 2022? Main trends.

The IT market is changing very quickly, and today we feel it more than ever. The demand for IT specialists is only growing, and every month it becomes more and more difficult to satisfy the wishes of candidates.

This situation in the IT market is forcing many companies to reconsider recruiting processes, reduce the number of selection stages to a minimum, refuse test assignments, and offer salaries well above what IT specialists receive at their current place of work. Still, given the volatility of the IT industry and our personal experience with Djeda, a high salary and a cool project are far from all that employees need now. In the article I talk about what IT employers should pay attention to in order to close IT vacancies in one to two months. A little about the trends of 2021

In 2021, IT recruiting was characterized by two key trends - the need to build a strong employer brand, as well as the need for quality professional development for IT recruiters.

Those companies that took into account these trends were able to actively expand the staff of IT employees. In addition, since 2021, fortunately, candidates are complaining less and less about incompetent recruiters confusing Java with JavaScript. This is a huge step towards ensuring that recruiters and candidates are on the same wavelength as possible, without causing mutual dissatisfaction from communication.

Today, the trends have changed a bit, and now the key focus is not on the “hard” skills of employers and hiring managers, but rather on “soft” skills.

Kindness and sincerity

The image of work, which boils down to the classic “boss-subordinate” hierarchy, has long sunk into oblivion. Employees have long ceased to be perceived as “little cogs” supporting the functions of a large corporate machine. "Each employee today is an important element of the company. You need to take care of him, show his importance, be truly responsible for his quality of life." Therefore, experts pay more and more attention not only to the company's product, but also to the good deeds with which the brand is associated, consider it important that employers contribute to charity and help other people.

The humanity behind the company name is especially relevant now, and many candidates will be more willing to consider such employers. Confidence

Fear of making a mistake is perhaps one of those documented in the work of any presence, not just an IT outreach worker. If a company creates an image of understanding and loyalty, it has more opportunities to attract new employees.

Even in large companies, great emphasis is placed on the human attitude towards people, trying to build interaction on mutual trust, and not on total control. "In such companies, as a rule, there is less micromanagement, and, therefore, more coverage, which is built on internal motivation, and not on external fear." Quality, not quantity

“We have the largest database of candidates” is a classic advantage of recruiting agencies. Given the new trend towards trust and humanity in companies, the focus is changing here.

Now it is not the number of candidates that the recruiter is able to process that matters, but the quality of processing. It is important how trustful the dialogue with the specialist turned out, whether long-term, reliable communications are possible, without formalism, but with warm, friendly (at the same time not going beyond business) communication.

Showing off a large number of candidates in the database is no longer a trend. The trend is to brag about built, reliable relationships with candidates, keep in touch with them, focus on the long term.

Refusal of arrogance

Companies that have an inflated sense of self-importance, even if there is a reason for this, will look less advantageous in 2022 compared to companies that understand that they and specialists are equally interested in each other.

Employer-employee partnership is what you should be aiming for in 2022.

Acceptance of market realities

In 2020-2021, the IT recruitment market went crazy, and literally from every iron we heard that the collapse was happening, the market was overheated, and the candidates went crazy.

It's time to move on to the fifth stage of accepting the inevitable and coming to terms with this fact. Yes, demand exceeds supply, but this is no longer a reason to dramatize.

The fact that IT-candidates ask for high wages compared to other industries for work is quite logical, because demand really greatly exceeds supply. We begin to calmly play by the rules without excessive dramatization.

Recruiting automation

HR-tech is now on the rise, platforms are being actively developed that can assess the level of soft skills of candidates through video interviews, process their emotions, and advanced CRM systems are being created.

Even though recruiting is more in the humanities, that doesn't mean the industry doesn't have the same tools as the tech industry.

Therefore, I recommend following trends and learning how to quickly master new solutions in the IT recruiting market.

The need for communication

Many are now working remotely. This, of course, is no longer a trend, but because of this, many candidates have greatly increased the need for communication. Companies that understand the requirements of candidates and satisfy not only the need for remote work, but also compensate for the lack of an office through online meetings for coffee or more regular corporate parties, are in a higher priority among candidates.

Therefore, in order to be an attractive company for IT specialists in 2022, it is important to create conditions for corporate communication, pay more attention to informal communications, think through the leisure of employees in a quality manner, minimizing the negative aspects of remote work.


The latest trend of 2022 is a counteroffer for every second offer. Therefore, after the candidate accepts the offer, it is too early to open champagne, and even better - to “process” the candidate in advance, prepare him for a possible dismissal, thus including such a conversation in an obligatory element of interaction with the candidate.

Being closely connected today with one of the most dynamic areas of IT today, IT recruiting is changing rapidly, new HR technologies are emerging, the needs of candidates are changing, the focus is shifting towards a more progressive system of employer-subordinate relationships.

Therefore, in this difficult race for worthy IT specialists, those companies that can quickly evaluate candidates, quickly give feedback, quickly interview, respect each employee, with an emphasis on humanity, loyalty and partnership with candidates, will win.

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