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Where can a beginner get work experience?

One QAX left for the offer! Improvement through practice on real projects and mentoring.

What is Camp?

Camp is a space for development, where participants learn their roles. What did you want to become: BA, PM, QA, Recruitment.. ? Choose a profession, become a part of the product team and go forward for the result! :)

"Thomas Edison made more than 1,000 failed attempts before inventing the incandescent light bulb."

Camp is a training platform where you can polish your skills to perfection without being afraid to make mistakes! This is what Camp is made for: we encourage you to do more of them! :)

Camp is a real work experience that you can safely talk about during an interview. After Camp, you are no longer a "newbie", but a specialist with work experience - it's cooler, isn't it?

How does it work?

We develop projects!

We have several projects around which the rest of the activities revolve. Product teams consisting of PO, BA, PM, Dev, UI-UX, QA work on projects.

Our DNA is practice

Everyone is responsible for their own part of the work. There are no "fictional" tasks, homework... but there are only real tasks on the project - this is your work, on which other team members and the project in general depend! Performing them, making mistakes and correcting our mistakes, we learn - as simple as that :)

And if the existing knowledge is not enough to perform the current task, then we help and explain.

And also, each participant is a team player who can contribute his ideas to the product and learn to defend them (yes, yes, your future employer will appreciate it ;)

How did Camp come about?

Camp arose as a solution to the eternal question: "How to get a job, if only people with experience are hired?".

While still working as a QA trainer in various schools, the founder of Camp, Denys Shcholokov, felt even then that all these training courses were always some kind of theory that lacked something important...

On the other hand, Denys constantly received complaints from students that even after completing the courses, it is difficult for them to get a job, because "they have no experience"... That's how QAX Camp was born!

In Camp, your start is not important (someone already has a base, another opens everything from scratch), but everyone has the same ultimate goal - employment. We help our participants at all stages of this journey: both with mastering a new specialty and with employment. Therefore, we only have two KPIs:

1. Number of offers received by our participants

2. Average time to receive an offer

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